MAS 90 and MAS 200 Business Management Software Can Help Your Business Survive During a Recession

An economic crisis or recession indeed brings bad news especially in the business sector. This causes a chain reaction in the lives of people, making them struggle more in order to make a living. In the business perspective, this means lesser profits while expenditures are taking the cash away. Entrepreneurs need to run their businesses more efficiently, cut expenses, and spend minimum while being productive at maximum output. But despite the economic downfalls that happened in the past, did you know that there were a lot of wise investors who made fortunes? These men invested in buying stocks at low value because they knew that sooner or later their value will increase. They then sold their share at higher value during economic recovery. They were wise enough to know that their investment will pay off.

In the world today, Information Technology has proven to be essential in almost every business. With the dramatic increase of technological advancements, the world is now equipped with tools allowing businesses to run more efficiently by increase productivity at minimum costs and make wise decisions base on practical approach.

This gave way to the development of Enterprise Resource Planning softwares commonly known as ERP. ERP softwares have played vital roles in thousands of businesses around the world and proved to increase profit and enterprise growth. Among the different ERP softwares the most renowned are Sage MAS 90 ERP and, Sage MAS 200 ERP or simply known as MAS 90 and MAS 200. These solutions are developed by Sage Software, one of the world’s largest companies that develop business softwares. Both MAS 90 and MAS 200 are CPA’s most recommended softwares than any other application in its class. They are often called Business Management Solutions and Accounting Software which make them a feature-rich ERP system.

The MAS 90 and MAS 200 softwares provide a wide selection of feature-rich solutions which include core accounting, business intelligence tools, customer relationship management (CRM), e-Commerce, Human Resources (HR) and payroll, manufacturing, and distribution. They also have different modules to fit your specific business needs.

Although in times of recession it is wise to cut expenses but investing on the right ERP software will benefit your business even more, making you save more because of its ability and efficient business management features. An investment in ERP software will payoff in a short time. Imagine yourself running a business, you manually do almost everything. How much probability do you think for you to make big mistakes? How much money will it cost you if you mistakenly ship wrong items because you have poor inventory management? How much money you lose by your poor executive decisions simply because you don’t have sufficient knowledge of your finances? How disappointing must it be to lose customers over your competitors because you have unsatisfactory customer relationship management?

MAS 90 and MAS 200 will act like a virtual brain for your business. You manage your finances accurately with its Core Accounting solutions, the Business Insights module will give decision-makers an insightful bird’s eye view of your business and shows them where they can be more profitable with a quick snapshot of a company’s financial data, gain comprehensive sales force automation and launch marketing campaigns with the CRM module, track your inventories, cut costs while increasing profits with the Distribution module, deal with all aspects in payroll with the comprehensive HR module, conduct business online with eBusiness and track your every move with Time and Project Management. These are just some of the many other business-empowering features that MAS 90 and MAS 200 have to offer.

While saving and cost-cutting is a great idea in times of recession, investing on the right ERP software such as MAS 90 and MAS 200 is even a wiser decision. Think not of the cost but how much will it payoff based on the features, advantages and benefits. Think of how much cost you cut, the thousands of dollars you save, the happy customers and loyal employees you retain, the wise executive decisions you make, and the new business opportunities you engage simply because you were made a better entrepreneur by your wise decision in investing on reliable and powerful ERP softwares such as MAS90 and MAS200.

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