Why We Need More Games Testers

For any gaming fanatic the release of that new game can be very exciting. If you are hooked on a game and a new version is coming out soon its like getting a new lease of life. As gamers we tend to be very impatient with new releases but behind the scenes there is an immense amount of time, money and work that goes into bring it in to your living room. Whether it be Xbox, PS3 or Wii, developing games is a massive challenge and with the ever growing demand for bigger, better and more life-like graphics and effects the challenge is constantly growing for game developers.

Some of the unsung heroes of our favorites are the game testers. These testers play an important part of development at several different stages of the design of any particular game. With fierce competition between Xbox, PlayStation and Wii the pressure is constantly on for new games. Here are some of the reasons why game testers are so important and why we need more of them.

They make games better
Often, the game developers get caught up in their own world and they disconnect with the import people – us; the guys who are actually going to play the games. Video game testers actually bring these guys back to earth and can give them honest feedback if a game sucks. From this point of view the testers are our voice in the development stage of the games.

Game testers help to bring games out faster
Not even PlayStation can afford to bring out a game that will flop. This is why they spent an immense amount of time developing and perfecting a game before they release it. Testers again, are essential to help streamline and speed up this process.

They help to push the envelope
If you play games for a living then it will take a lot to impress you. Another boring old shooters will probably not get a got review from an experienced game tester. Be sure that they will be our voice in getting bigger better and ‘badder’ games out there.

This is fast becoming one of the most popular careers for anyone who is passionate about gaming. The idea of doing what you love and getting paid to do it is indeed a unique privilege and something that can make the difference between a life of desperation in an office or a life of excitement and fun.

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